A Worthy Vessel: Collaboration in Jade Celadon

This bottle is one of my favorite things that my husband and I have ever made together.  The glaze is a Jade celadon on a cone five stoneware.  I threw this vessel on the wheel and then attached the handle.  Then, when it was leather-hard, Asa carved it with wood-tools and transformed a simple form into this beauty.  Once bisqued, I brushed on three layers of the glaze and then it went through a second firing at over 2100 degrees Fahrenheit.


When we visited his family in Santa Cruz, I came across a vessel unlike any of the work that I had seen at our studio.  I asked Asa why he didn’t do anything like it anymore.  He said that using wood-tools was a lot more demanding and time intensive.  This bottle took several hours of his diligent handy work in order to produce the design.  In the end, I believe this is some of Asa’s best work and worth the time he invested in it.


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