A Worthy Vessel: Collaboration in Jade Celadon

This bottle is one of my favorite things that my husband and I have ever made together.  The glaze is a Jade celadon on a cone five stoneware.  I threw this vessel on the wheel and then attached the handle.  Then, when it was leather-hard, Asa carved it with wood-tools and transformed a simple form into this beauty.  Once bisqued, I brushed on three layers of the glaze and then it went through a second firing at over 2100 degrees Fahrenheit.


When we visited his family in Santa Cruz, I came across a vessel unlike any of the work that I had seen at our studio.  I asked Asa why he didn’t do anything like it anymore.  He said that using wood-tools was a lot more demanding and time intensive.  This bottle took several hours of his diligent handy work in order to produce the design.  In the end, I believe this is some of Asa’s best work and worth the time he invested in it.


Published by The King and the Flower

Asa and Daisy initially fell in love with clay and then with each other. Asa began working with ceramics as a high school student in Santa Cruz, California. Daisy started throwing at Hope College in Holland, Michigan. The two potters met in 2015 in Phoenix, Arizona at Desert Dragon Pottery Studio. In 2016, Asa and Daisy were married at Red Rock State Park in Sedona, Arizona. The couple still resides in Phoenix, Arizona.

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