Tiny Pots

It started with a small, one-pound lump.  In the process of building up my vessel, I stretched the clay to the point of tearing it.  Using my pin-tool, I trimmed off the torn wall of my cylinder. With the remaining clay, I attempted to create another cylinder, smaller than the first.  Little by little, I’d lose most of my clay.  But the smallest clay vase would remain.

Billy, my ceramics professor at Hope College warned me that if I continued working with miniatures I was only going to feed the cute, petite first impression that people have of me.  He picked up one of my tiny teapots and smiled.

When you see something that tiny, you can’t help but be amused.  It’s like being in line at the grocery story and making eye contact with a baby in the cart in front of you.  The next thing you know you’re playing peek-a-boo with Junior while his mom is at the checkout swiping her debit card.

All of these tiny pots were thrown on the potter’s wheel from a variety of clay.  In this picture, they have been bisqued.  A few of them will remain bisqued.  Others will go through a second fire after they have been glazed.    Most of them will eventually be made into earrings and other jewelry.

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